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These audio stories enrich the world of Geist, adding stories around Sorcha, Merrick and Raed.  If you want to read more shorts from the same universe, then go to

  1. In the Beginning – by Philippa Ballantine
  2. Bondmate – by Nobilis.
  3. The First Day by PC Haring
  4. Brothers by Sandra Wickham
  5. The Destruction of Station One by Chooch Schubert.
  6. Closure by Gabrielle Harbowy.
  7. The Price of Pain by Val Griswold-Ford
  8. Let Me Sleep by Helen Madden


Geists don’t always play by the rules.

Between the living and the dead is the Order of the Deacons, protectors of the Empire, guardians against possession, sentinels enlisted to ward off the malevolent haunting of the geists…

Among the most powerful of the Order is Sorcha, now thrust into partnership with the novice Deacon, Merrick Chambers. They have been dispatched to the isolated village of Ulrich to aide the Priory with a surge of violent geist activity. With them is Raed Rossin, Pretender to the throne that Sorcha is sworn to protect, and bearer of a terrible curse.

But what greets them in the strange settlement is something far more predatory and more horrifying than any mere haunting. And as she uncovers a tradition of twisted rituals passed down through the dark reaches of history, Sorcha will be forced to reconsider everything she thinks she knows.

And if she makes it out of Ulrich alive, what in Hell is she returning to? .

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Though one of the most powerful Deacons, Sorcha Faris has a tarnished reputation to overcome. She and her partner, Deacon Merrick Chambers, find themselves chasing down rumors of geists, but long for a return to real action. So they jump at the chance to escort a delegation sent to negotiate the terms of the Emperor’s engagement. Their destination: the exotic city of Orinthal.

But a string of murders has Orinthal on edge, and Sorcha and Merrick are asked to investigate. Meanwhile the Emperor’s sister has unwittingly released a cruel and vengeful goddess, one who it bent on destroying her enemies, including the geistlord who resides inside the shapeshifting rival to the throne—Sorcha’s lover….


Spectyr keeps up the series’ promise: well-crafted, tightly packed action, interspersed with clues to worldbuilding which should satisfy even die-hard fantasy fans. While Geist took us into the action, Spectyr is keeping us there: waiting for Wrayth.

-Drying Ink


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In the Empire of Arkaym, the Order of Deacons protects and shelters the citizens from the attacks of the unliving. All are sworn to fight the evil forces of the geists—and to keep the world safe from the power of the Otherside…

Although she is one of the most powerful Deacons in the Order, Sorcha Faris is still unable to move or speak after her last battle. Even her partner, Merrick Chambers, cannot reach her through their shared Bond. Yet there are those who still fear Sorcha and the mystery of her hidden past.

Meanwhile, Merrick has been asked to investigate a new member of the Emperor’s Court. But when Sorcha is abducted by men seeking Raed Rossin, the shapeshifting rival to the throne, Merrick must choose where his loyalties lie.

Ballantine’s characters are at once archetypically heroic and staggeringly unique…Philippa offers excellent continuity and plotting…All in all, this is an excellent series and this entry in the series is natural and an excellent addition. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Fangs Wands and Fairy Dust

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The Deacons of the Order are all that stand between the wicked spirits of the Otherside and the innocent citizens of the Empire. They are sworn to protect humanity, even when they cannot protect themselves…

After the Razing of the Order, Sorcha Faris, one of the most powerful Deacons, is struggling to regain control of the runes she once wielded. The Deacons are needed more desperately than ever. The barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead is weakening, and the Emperor has abandoned his throne, seeking to destroy those he feels have betrayed him. 

Though she is haunted by the terrible truth of her past, Sorcha must lead the charge against the gathering hordes of geists seeking to cross into the Empire. But to do so, she will need to manipulate powers beyond her understanding—powers that may prove to be her undoing…



An incredibly rich story . . .rich in high action, rich in mystery, rich in characters, rich in ghosts.  Absolutely not to be missed. - Barb Hendee, co-author of Noble Dead

With its richly detailed world and wonderfully realized characters, Geist is one of the most vividly original books I’ve read this year -Nalini Singh, New York Times Bestseller


The story was completely riveting – much along the scale as the earlier three books. On its own merits, it is a worthy tale full of excitement and action. However, as the crowning jewel of an epic tale, it is extremely successful.
That’s What I Am Talking About


Ms. Ballantine delivers. Again. Her writing grabs you in a way that is visceral. It hits early. It hits repetitively. It hits hard. No cheap shots are taken. None are needed. You see, Ms. Ballantine knows how to write characters that make you care. Regardless of whether Sorcha, Merrick or Raed turns out to be your favorite, you’re going to find plenty to like and your favorite will live for you. Spectyr is a thrill packed adventure full of everything that makes a good book great. As you realize you’re heading in to the last fifty pages, you ask yourself how Ms. Ballantine can hope to pull this story together. Don’t worry. She does.

-View from Valhalla


We get to know more about all three of our favorite characters Sorcha, Merrick, and Raed. We learn a lot more about Merrick’s backstory and his family. The fascinating bonds between the three of these characters continue to grow and change. There is no guessing what happens next at every turn. Everything about Spectyr was new and refreshing, with amazingly vivid action and suspense. If you are looking for a new Fantasy series, please look no further. If you have never tried a Fantasy series and are curious, please look no further. Philippa Ballantine’s writing really and truly cannot be beat, and the third book in the series, Wrayth, is on my auto-buy list. Oh, and before I conclude with my gushing, how incredible are the covers for this series? I can tell you that this is definitely a case of the gorgeous covers matching the books perfectly.

-Wicked Lil Pixie Reviews

There’s a bit of romance, but only as an element. There’s some wonderfully subtle handling of religion, faith, and power. Some of the magic elements, such as the “air ships” have an almost steampunk feel, giving the books wonderful and unexpected layers. Which, let’s face it, is exactly what fantasy fans look for. We want our stories to feel like fantasy without being rote or cliche. Ballantine delivers just that. Don’t miss this series, it’s really worth your investment. Perfect summer escapism!

-Chrissy Olinger

Spectyr keeps up the series’ promise: well-crafted, tightly packed action, interspersed with clues to worldbuilding which should satisfy even die-hard fantasy fans. While Geist took us into the action, Spectyr is keeping us there: waiting for Wrayth.

-Drying Ink

Wow – another great story in Ms. Ballantine’s richly-detailed, exotic world of Arkaym!…Once again, the three-way bond of Sorcha, Merrick and Raed, the ousted heir to the Empire and Sorcha’s lover, was a focal part of the story.  The bond penetrated the threesome’s actions and grew in sometimes unexpected ways. The emotional impact of their deep connection reverberated throughout the story, leaving me wanting more.

Wow – another great story in Ms. Ballantine’s richly-detailed, exotic world of Arkaym!…Once again, the three-way bond of Sorcha, Merrick and Raed, the ousted heir to the Empire and Sorcha’s lover, was a focal part of the story.  The bond penetrated the threesome’s actions and grew in sometimes unexpected ways. The emotional impact of their deep connection reverberated throughout the story, leaving me wanting more.

-That’s What I’m Talking About

This book made it so easy to slip back into this world. Not just because I read the first book, but the way it was written was just brilly. In this book, not only is the world expanded and more interesting to our imagination, but the characters were more rounded out as well. We see even more softness to Sorcha and even into some of her fears. We learn more about Merrick and are surprised at a few twists to his story. Even the Rossin, who is a Geistlord we learned to fear in the first book evolves his character. That was the most surprising and interesting bit of all!...I give this book 5 stars. If you read and liked the first, you will love the second book. I can’t wait for the third book, Wrayth which is currently being written. Oh and like the first book, it does contain a smidgen of steampunk to ease you into the genre.

If you have read and enjoyed Geist you will love this book even more. If you haven’t read it yet get yourself in gear, Buy Geist and Spectyr, you will thank both Ms Ballentine for writing them, and me for the recommendation once you’ve read them. I can not recommend these books highly enough, and I can’t wait for book 3 Wrayth to be released.

Do you want a gripping book, one that holds you to it’s pages and grips you as a reader? A book that wavers wants and longings in front of you and unrequiteds like a child’s dangly bed toy? Something promised and there but just out of reach? Philippa Ballantine is a genius. I give you SPECTYR. She weaves this amazing story like gossamer where we see this richly complex world that has all of these opposing forces battling against the characters, keeping them from each other in many ways while they really yearn to be together as they struggle through storm after storm, of whatever is coming.


I’m afraid that just listing out the various twists and turns that pop out of this book might take some of the fun out of reading it. Make no mistake about that, by the way — this is a fun and fast read. The characters are solid and the moments of the book that deal with their interactions are where this book truly shines. Whether the small personal moments between family and friends or the heated moments of battle and betrayal by family, friends and foes (not to mention the occasional undead entity or goddess).


The most remarkable for me where the three main characters: Sorcha, Raed and Merrick. Sorcha is an amazingly human character in a fantasy story. She is so jaded, cynical and proud. She experiences real human and imperfect emotions that we can all relate to. Sometimes I would cringe for her over how arrogant and condescending she came across, but I loved her in spite of it because I felt I understood her. She is socially stupid! But she has a huge heart, and discovering that was so touching. I loved her cigar addiction, it was just one of those things where I totally felt connected with her. It also helped to “get” Sorcha because of the chemistry between her and Merrick and Raed. They are somehow able to see past what she blurts out and translate her to us as they all learn more and more about how the Active:Sensitive bond works. I enjoyed the dialog between the characters so much I was completely lost in the world of Arkaym and The Order. The descriptions are so vivid, the action is packed on the page and it never stops, this book took my imagination on a crazy wild journey.

-Wicked Lil Pixie Reviews

All considered? Well, Geist is a novel which should be making its way onto your reading list. A fast-moving, rather riotous fantasy in a mainly slow-moving genre, it’s definitely a refreshing read. And it’s got sequels… (Insert badly-concealed hook for next review here) Also… Airships. Let me just savour that word.- Drying Ink

With all the trappings of high fantasy Ballantine’s world is intensely detailed, from geography to social and political structures, it is a fairly complete place…There is quite a bit of suspense as the three main characters often find their assumptions and beliefs overturned. In some ways Geistfeels very much like the beginning of a series, some closure but enough left open that you will keep returning for more plot, more character development, more love scenes.Not a light read, took me about three days. Enjoyable. Recommended, especially for lovers of high fantasy. I want to know what happens next.

-Fang, Wands and Fairy Dust

I have to hand it to Ms. Ballantine for creating a world where women are very equal to men.  Women are deacons, commanders, and leaders in their own right.  For a story set in a fantasy land where the time period is feudal in nature, seeing women as equals was unexpected and very welcome.  It was good to see the characters adapt and change along with the story.  Misconceptions and fears were challenged and overcome.  As for Raed Rossin, the sort-of shape shifter, I loved this character.  I enjoyed how the nature of the shape-shifter and the history of the Rossin was quite original.

Geist presents an entirely new genre that surpasses traditional fantasy by adding in a bit of the paranormal element and a little romance along the way.  This book is a successful paranormal fantasy, which I truly enjoyed.  If you are a fantasy or paranormal fan, I would recommend giving this book a try.  Book 2, Spectyr releases in June, and I am looking forward to reading and reviewing this next installment.

-Book Savy Babe

I promised myself so not too much, but then what was already offered on the first pages was fantasy at the highest level… A world where airships operate, firearms are in use. The other aspect of the world is a welcome change in the book shelf, as it provides material for many ghosts…It is an open end, because with Spectyr this Fall already part 2 and two further volumes are planned.  Clearly a must for me, because the book was exciting, varied, dangerous, sexy and funny. This was all true, by the story, the setting and the characters, I was dazzled entertained.

- Mützen-Varieté (Translated from the German)

I was thrilled with the book, though. Absolutely thrilled! The book mythology was really interesting — Deacons and geists and undead possession — and I loved the idea of Actives and Sensitives, and the occasional pinch of steampunk. But my favourite thing by far was how the relationship between Actives and Sensitives is symbiotic but not co-dependent — a really interesting magical connection that gets explored in a lovely, deep way over the course of the novel. The characters are also really great.

-I Read Good

At the start of the story the book seemed laced with genre tropes, such as, for example, the exceptional partnership between Sorcha and Merrick, the noble cursed prince and the Order militant to protect the realm, but Ballantine quickly twists these and makes them her own. Said partnership turns out to be special for an unexpected reason, the noble prince is noble, but his curse stays a curse and the Order militant isn’t exactly as clerical as one might expect from their titles! Ballantine succeeds in using tropes without letting them slip (too far) into cliché and I wasn’t bored with them at any point…I also liked how there were plenty of clues given for Nynnia’s true identity. I knew something was up with her as this is broadcast pretty clearly from the moment we meet her, I just couldn’t figure out what until the reveal and then all the pieces fell into place. The three-way bond, with Sorcha as the linchpin, was also a nice conceit and not only creates solutions, but tensions as well. A character that was most interesting as well, though we only see him as an active point of view for a few scenes, was the Rossin. I found the Beast fascinating, since he’s supposed to be evil, but there does seem to be some honour there.

-A Fantastical Librarian

Geist also features a strong if imperfect woman as the protagonist, and she is one of the best ones of her kind I’ve seen yet.
The prose is Ballantine’s own, and she spins her world and characters with the kind of professional confidence lacking from so many of the other works I’ve recently read. She picks a good balance between explaining things that need to be explained, and leaving mysteries left in the world; between letting the heroes be heroic and leaving powers beyond and above them.

-Tovio’s Thoughts

Part of the entertainment in this novel is putting the pieces together to get a picture of the complicated political situation, the period (they have magic airships!), and the nature of the geists and the Deacons’ powers. Things get pretty grim, with monsters and treachery everywhere, but plenty of magic-blasting action keeps things lively for a rousing start to this new series.

- Carolyn Cushman of Locus (February 2011)

As the book continues we are introduced to an Arch Abbot, a Cursed Pretender King and a Hotshot Novice Sensitive with a secret past, to name a few. Ballantine does a wonderful job of bringing the world she has created into focus for the reader. Rather than front loading the reader with a boring history of the world she jumps right in feet first and brings the reader up to speed as the story progresses. Some people don’t like this style but I think that Ms. Ballantine has found the “sweet spot” on this one.

- Geek Life

Philippa Ballantine has crafted a unique and engrossing tale with GEIST. Memorable characters, multiple subplots, and spot-on dialogue combined with some dramatic action scenes create a vivid and satisfying read. Unlike many strong heroines, Sorcha can only succeed in her duties with her partner; alone she can’t see what she’s fighting. This dependence on one another adds another layer to these characters. Sorcha is a powerful fighter, but she doesn’t do well in social situations, although her humanity begins to show through as the story progresses. Merrick, on his first assignment for the Order, learns to rely on his own strengths. Ballantine has created 3- dimensional characters that ring true; they have flaws like the rest of us, and she throws in a bit of romance for fun. This novel is a promising start to a unique series, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment in 2011.

-Fresh Fiction

We’re in a great time of innovation in world-building, seems like people are getting away from strict Tolkien worlds and adding twists, which I find quite enjoyable. The society and magic system in Geist is REALLY interesting and believable. The paranormal-fighting Paladin order was really fun to learn about, and the world was well-layered in familiar ways. The steam punk stuff was very light, but added nice flavor…they were all distinct and Sorcha, the main female character, was tough but BELIEVABLE, she never tried to hard to be competent: she just WAS. Everyone’s personality was well balanced against each other, and I definitely rooted for them to succeed!

- Felicia Day, review on

Make no mistake, Geist is good, really good. Ballantine has found a way to make Ghosts scary again. As I mentioned in my review of Unholy Ghosts, ghosts usually play second fiddle to something far uglier, but the geists of Philippa Ballantine’s world are entirely nasty enough without being cheesy. While of course there is more going on than an infestation of the undead, I never felt like a geist attack was something the characters could brush off.

- Andrew Jack Writing

All in all this book was such a pleasure to read that by it’s ending I was like heck ya! But the next release is months away which turned into: this book was amazing! but now I have to wait :( But I recommend you pick up a copy and dive into this fantastical world of wonderful characters and a great plot.

- Snarky Mama (5 out of 5 stars)

The story starts off with an intense action scene that does more than just set up the pace for the rest of the book. You also get to learn a good bit about the world, Sorcha, and the odds stacked against her. The book’s not just about her though. It would be good enough if it was, but Philippa also introduces several other characters, each with hidden depths and secrets that go somewhere. Add to that a world that’s as complex as any other fantasy realm (without all the weighty exposition that bogs many of them down) and you have a book well worth buying.

-Flying Island Press

Ballantine not only weaved a perfect magical world, she filled it with complex characters and monsters you might find in an Urban Fantasy novel. It deserves 5 stars for originality, 5 stars plot, and 5 stars for characters who start off a bit rough but end up shining like diamonds  These things combined make it one of the top Fantasy books I’ve read this year!
Spectyr can’t get here fast enough.

- My Imagination Run Amok

The story is an unusual mix of Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance and Mystery packed with a lot (!) of action. The book is focused on three very unique characters and I really liked the development of the characters through the book. The story is told mainly from Sorcha’s view, but also from Merrick’s and Raed’s view, which made the story even richer and more fun.

-Books, Cats, Movies and Coffee (4.5 stars out of 5)

The characters are another wonderful strength here.  The characters stick to their personalities, but grow in more ways than I had expected, to show other sides I wouldn’t have thought to show, making them three dimensional to me.  I enjoyed watching all the characters grow in wonderful leaps in this book.  And the characters secrets start to unfold.
The story Philippa has to tell here is captivating.  There are a few stories with in this book; learning of the characters, the history of the world, and the mystery of what is happening with the changes the geist are showing.  Then the mystery of where the corruption is or coming from.

I would think many who loves Fantasy would enjoy this book along with Urban Fantasy lovers as well.  This book touches on a few different genre, but has a depth to it to make you wonder where Philippa will go in the future and how deep does the venality go.

-My words and pages

As we venture deeper into this world I found the mystery and horror to be very appealing; dripping with action and suspense. While the world Ms. Ballantine built is definitely interesting and has the potential to become much more then revealed so far-I found her characters to be the focal point of this drama. As I raced towards the ending, I felt like I was on a roller coaster, my stomach pitching and rolling as each new clue and dramatic scene unfolded. I like how everything isn’t explained and some decisions made, though I don’t agree with them, are really the only decisions that could be made. We aren’t promised rainbows and sunshine.

- Smexy Books

Ballantine’s world-building is subtle. Instead of spoon-feeding or info-dumping, Ballantine gives readers exactly the amount of information they need at a particular moment. As a result, reading Geist feels like an extended leap of faith. It’s like walking in a bank of fog, carrying a lantern that illuminates only the next step ahead; we have to trust that Ballantine will make sure the road keeps appearing in front of us. She does — the story never becomes confusing — but it can be a little disconcerting if you’re used to a more heavy-handed style of world-building. In retrospect, though, it’s also really gratifying. I feel the urge to wave the book around and shout, “Hey, writers! Here’s how you build a world without showing all of your work on every single page!”
The characterization is fantastic. Sorcha, in particular, jumps right off the page; an abrasive, snarky, sometimes narrow-minded, yet often endearing woman who is determined to do what’s right and likes her cigars. Merrick is less sharply drawn but also lovable, and Raed — a noble rogue with a dark secret — may just win my award for “Hottest Fantasy Hero Since
Joscelin Verreuil.”
The plot moves quickly and is peppered with banter and sexual tension. The ending is not a cliffhanger, but left me eager for more; I just have to know what happens with these characters!
Geist will appeal to urban fantasy fans willing to venture into a wholly invented world, and to high fantasy fans that don’t mind a story that’s a little sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed this character-driven novel that isn’t quite like anything else I’ve read.

-Fantasy Literature

Geist really had me from the first chapter. In it we see Deacon Sorcha Faris and her husband, Kolya trying to find and get rid of a geist in a crowd of civilians. Sorcha is an Active of the Order, a fierce combatant who uses gauntlets inscribed with powerful runes in order to fight the undead. Her husband, and Bonded partner, Kolya, is a Sensitive who are equipped with a Strop around their eyes and are there to guide their Active partners. I really loved this aspect of the world building. There are evil paranormal forces that are watched and dispelled by these Deacons of the Order, who are stationed around the land. They are forces of good in a world where geists can erupt from the Otherside at any moment. The story takes place in a familiar setting of a medieval-like time but progressed enough to have pistols and dirigibles. I enjoyed that part too. It was familiar yet different from what I’ve seen in other fantasy novels.

- Starmetal Oak Book Blog

I liked that this book was pretty fast paced. I didn’t really get bored at all once I was into the book. There was always something happening. The main…well….one of the main characters is Deacon Sorcha Faris. She is a red head with a temper who has gone through many partners, for a number of reasons. She is one of the most powerful Actives in the Order. I really like reading books with strong female leads. Sometimes, I don’t want to read about how the girl is in distress and the guy saves her. It’s nice for it to be the other way around once in a while. Don’t get me wrong. There is some romance written into this book. After all, it’s hard for a male & female to be thrown together in a perilous situation and sparks not happen…The book is hugely compelling and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy laced with a little bit of romance, suspense, and action. Great book, really. And I cannot wait until the next book in this series comes out!

- The Sexii Librarian

Merrick was quite the surprise to me. I liked him in the beginning, but I expected that the author would just have him fade into the background and become the “sidekick.” He ended up being a very compelling character. I liked that something specific about his past was revealed at the end. It just helped bind them all even closer. I really liked his love interest and all the secret potential I sensed there, but ended up shocked by how some of those things turned out. I wish I had my hands on the next book!

- Fiction Vixen

This book has combined all the my favourite elements into one awesome read. It is fast paced action, with a touch of romance and enough twists to keep you guessing the whole way through. I love that the protagonist is a strong willed mature woman, as opposed to the usual young and stupid heroines that seem to be around lately. I love that they throw at her a new partner and they do not end up lovers. Seems weird  I know but my first thought was ” oh damn that is predictable” and then it wasn’t…It was quite original too, which seems hard to find lately. It had elements of the paranormal genre, the magic system was very intriguing and quite detailed and the mental link between the partners was well thought out.

- Tempting Words

Ms. Ballantine does create a firm mythos that encapsulates the motivations driving her characters towards their objectives. However, she does this whilst keeping the focus on the characters and letting the mythos build along the way. This is a lesson I think many writers need to learn…Geist is much more than another quest fantasy. Geist has elements of fantasy, horror and romance all rolled into one action packed adventure spanning continents where loyalties are called into question, rogues can be heroes and heroes can be idealists.

-View from Valhalla

The world of Geist is an intriguing blend of fantasy, paranormal and history. It’s not really any more of one genre than another, nor is any of it emphasized above each other. Fans of history may be able to spot all the historical references that were slightly skewed to fit in with the world, while fans of fantasy will be able to spot the magic’s used and fans of the paranormal will marvel over the ‘undead’ that Sorcha and co. fight. It has a little something of everything in other words.

-Night Owl Reviews

Although the book is full of exciting action and amazing adventure, the trio created of Sorcha, Merrick and Raed is fascinating and the true heart of the story. Ms. Ballantine does an amazing job with the character development.  The trio each sees things in a unique way, bringing a full spectrum of views in each situation. I enjoyed the give and take that makes this relationship work.

With layer after layer unfolding before me – causing several twists and turns, I was on the proverbial edge of my seat. The book came to a satisfying conclusion, yet it was open-ended for subsequent stories. I for one, cannot wait!  I want to know more about the secrets of the Sensitives. I want to know more about how the bond works.  And I want to know what will become of this amazing trio!

- That’s What I am Talking About

A prickly character who enjoys smoking cigars, Sorcha embodies the strong, loner character often found in fantasies, but she has a woman’s perception and desires, too. Little is learned about Kolya other than from Sorcha’s biased opinion, but Merrick is an interesting counterpoint to Sorcha’s near world-weary attitude. Raed’s character is a surprise, as is Nynnia, whom the deacons meet on their way to Ulrich. GEIST is a fast paced, adventure packed fantasy. Author Philippa Ballantine leads the reader through this unusual world in an understandable fashion.

- Romance Reviews Today

I’m glad they gave Geist such a cool cover, because historical fantasy fans are going to dig this one.  I appreciated the fact that the heroine is a mature, sexy woman with a gruff personality.  I also appreciated that her partner, Merrick, is a total greenhorn, but he compliments her perfectly by providing cool-thinking and diplomacy, which Sorcha lacks in every way.  And I really appreciated that Philippa Ballantine did not muck up their relationship with any romantic entanglements.  It’s so rare to find a story that features a male and female lead with a close relationship that is purely platonic.  I loved it.  There are no messy love triangles here.

Rebecca of Dirty Sexy Books

Sorcha is a tough woman. She’s got skills that can kick ass and an attitude to match. However, the best part of Sorcha is how horrible she is with social situations. She’s brusque, rude, and condescending in turns. I find that a very human twist on the standard “kick ass heroine” routine. Well, that and I love characters that just aren’t as good at navigating social situations as they are with their talent. Being thrust into a partnership with Merrick really uncovers the differences between the two characters as well as Sorcha’s failings and abilities. Even before the two see how they can learn to work together, they’re a logical match–and I had a lot of fun having the book work up to that point slowly and painfully.

- Dreams and Speculation

The key to this great horror-fantasy is the belief in the magical world of Philippa Ballantine summed up by the Guardian and the Pretender when she says “If wishes were horses,” and he finishes with “I would never have to walk again.” Little touches like this bring alive the prime element of the Bond, which make the realm of Geist seem genuine. Sorcha and her two comrades are terrific characters who keep the story line focused even as the plot entertainingly switches from fantasy to horror. This is a wonderful thriller.

- Harriet Klausner


  1. Liz says:

    I love all of your books and I can’t wait for the next in all your series. Is there somewhere on your website that says when the next books come out?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks…and yes indeed! Harbinger is due out next July!

  3. Simon Bjørneset says:

    I am now reading the last pages of Wrayth, and I am thrilled that there is to be another book! I love the way you write, and to see the way you evolve as an author through the books. You write in a way that makes putting the book back in the shelf an impossible feat, and I cant wait for Harbinger to reach the stores!